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  2. Again. Heavy Metal.

    @TheDarkShadow8500   And this is a perfect example of how inactive this place is. It took me 4 months to see your reply.
  3. Battlefield 1 is getting free map drops.  Plus find out how to gain access to the beta early.  Watch below.      
  4. Check out Mafia 3's brand new gameplay blowout showing off the fictional city of New Bordeaux!  Watch below.      
  5. How do I get uplay gear if I bought it on steam? 

  6. It looks like The Division's Dark Zone will get some tweaks to the amount of AI and NPC's. Also, learn how to get free Dark Zone keys and check out this loot map!      
  7. Who Plays Helldivers?

    Those in PC also can play the game, its in Steam
  8. Hey O.W.G. How do I sign up for the Fallout 4 Closed Beta? Please reply...

    1. Abekrie


      You must be referring to the betas for the unreleased DLC content yes? It may be best that you visit Bethesda's website to find out.


  9. Just tried to access Clans area, says its "Off Line" wth ?

    See attached SS


    1. Mysterious Gamer Dude

      Mysterious Gamer Dude

      Yeah this site is pretty glitchy at times. The lack of activity probably compels people not to bother with fixing bugs as fast as a website that is more active.

  10. Division Beta download was very fast, Ubisoft got those servers humming. HooaH

    PS: Believe it or not, Fedex shows with my new gtx 950 ssc 2 days before Division Beta launch. Thats good mojo :)

  11. How can I sight up to get the closed beta for fallout dlc 


  12. I wish i got a fallout 4 season pass

    1. Abekrie


      Well you have until March 1'st to get it before the price increase.

  13. Downloading the Beta for The Division this morning.

    Almost 27GiG, need more coffee :)

  14. Well I had my hands on The Division a week ago? Sometime back then. Not sure why devs just love to have me into their early versions of their games, but they do. Can't say too much about it tbh considering how I only have over five hours into the game, but I can say that I am concerned with how the end game content is to be going through. The Dark Zone being a place of end game and all being something of a concern seeing how it's not really in a good state atm IMO.

    Having three people shouting in my ear to buy something while at a vendor area wasn't particularly pleasant either. I'll think it over some more before I can say some more.

  15. Far Cry Primal looks really good! :D 



    1. Mysterious Gamer Dude

      Mysterious Gamer Dude


      Yeah Farcry Primal is pretty fun. But I have one problem with the game. The story is short as crap. Like it took me no time to beat it, not to mention the time I had to take out so I could work.

  16. I can already tell that titanfall 2 will look 10 times better than the first one



    1. Fahnjim


      Wishlist for Titanfall 2

      More benefit for working through the ranks, with TF1 you had to reset when you reached rank 50 - This gave some improvement to your skill level but resulted in starting again with weapons and upgrades. Although this was kinda fun and did work (rediscovered weapons), it felt a bit of a rip-off having to ditch everything and continually start from scratch. So would be great to have some weapons and upgrades that persist or are unlocked at each reset level (if this system is used again) to maintain the feel of progression. Something that BF4 has done very well IMO, leading to great game longevity.


      Plus vehicles - TItanfall-esque tanks, choppers, boats could add and work in or against the titans. Seems weird that they would have no value in a Titanfall reality. This could also work well with bigger maps. Certainly the flying chopper type vehicle existed in non playable form in TF1

    2. TheDarkShadow8500


      That would be awesome if their where more vehicles 

  17. sounds like EA is in good shape :) 



  18. 10 likes a day? Interesting -_-


    1. Abekrie


      It's a good system that needs to stay. Otherwise, you're going to run into issues that are showing up in the SWHQ website already.

    2. TheDarkShadow8500


      I guess that makes sense 

    3. Mysterious Gamer Dude

      Mysterious Gamer Dude

      I remember that system when it was apart of SWHQ. Useful to the site, yet slightly annoying.

  19. This is interesting 



  20. Sounds like something to look forward to 



    1. Mysterious Gamer Dude

      Mysterious Gamer Dude


      I actually hope this is true. And if I could give your post a "like", I would :)

  21. Currently the HQ is live playing the Division beta 




    The Season Pass sounds like something to look forward to! :) 

  23. @ComposerRyan and @KnightRobby For this site,do the posts have to be about Open World Games,or can it be any game? I'm curious ^_^

  24. I might try out EAAccess and also the expansion for the Division sound great,especially survival! 



  25. Open World Star Wars Game

    I think it'd be like a bread of Dragon Age,and No Man's Sky @Mask Lord
  26. Again. Heavy Metal.

    @Mysterious Gamer Dude We need to live this place up!! The StarwarsHQ is alive and kicking,we need this site to do the same!   
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