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  2. Well I had my hands on The Division a week ago? Sometime back then. Not sure why devs just love to have me into their early versions of their games, but they do. Can't say too much about it tbh considering how I only have over five hours into the game, but I can say that I am concerned with how the end game content is to be going through. The Dark Zone being a place of end game and all being something of a concern seeing how it's not really in a good state atm IMO.

    Having three people shouting in my ear to buy something while at a vendor area wasn't particularly pleasant either. I'll think it over some more before I can say some more.

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  4. Far Cry Primal looks really good! :D 



  5. I can already tell that titanfall 2 will look 10 times better than the first one



  6. sounds like EA is in good shape :) 



  7. 10 likes a day? Interesting -_-


    1. Abekrie


      It's a good system that needs to stay. Otherwise, you're going to run into issues that are showing up in the SWHQ website already.

    2. TheDarkShadow8500


      I guess that makes sense 

  8. This is interesting 



  9. Sounds like something to look forward to 



  10. Currently the HQ is live playing the Division beta 




    The Season Pass sounds like something to look forward to! :) 

  12. @ComposerRyan and @KnightRobby For this site,do the posts have to be about Open World Games,or can it be any game? I'm curious ^_^

  13. I might try out EAAccess and also the expansion for the Division sound great,especially survival! 



  14. Open World Star Wars Game

    I think it'd be like a bread of Dragon Age,and No Man's Sky @Mask Lord
  15. Again. Heavy Metal.

    @Mysterious Gamer Dude We need to live this place up!! The StarwarsHQ is alive and kicking,we need this site to do the same!   
  16. The Customization for this game seems decent 



  17. @KnightRobby These are pretty good tips,my favorite tip is the extraction tip,it just sounds so cool! :D 



  18. i signed up for 

    Tom Clancy's The Division I did everything that it says to do but i can't use it to play I'm mad. But I will wait until march 8th to play it myself 

  19. Tom Clancy The Division beta amazing! Worth the money, the graphics were good, we're few problems but nothing major. Dark zone pretty big size can get bit tense. It's a bit like destiny but a lot better version. Dark zone keys are hard to obtain but manage to at a few, word of warning id you do when you have dark zone keys you will lose them. The only way to get the key back is by collecting the poor where you died from. If another player gets your loot first then they will have the key. 

    1. TheDarkShadow8500


      That sounds tough

  20. was playing heroes vs villains as Luke when this happened 


    1. TheDarkShadow8500


      lol,I wonder how that happens ^_^

  21. I can't wait for Tom Clancy's Division Beta for PS4 on January 29. Full game on 3/8/16. Thank you for all the info about the Division. So far it have been epic. I pre-order the game and the book...   I can't stop talking about it. When this game is released my life will become as an Agent of the Division.. I am in hopes in teaming up with you all here. :) Thank you and have a nice day.

  22. Check out over 10 new facts about The Division's multiplayer and single player!    
  23. I have news for Tom Clancy's Division Beta on • Xbox One owners will get a 24-hour early access, starting January 28. On PS4 & PC players will be able to join in starting January 29.

    The Closed Beta will run through January 31.

    Here is the link http://tomclancy-thedivision.ubi.com/game/en-GB/news/detail.aspx?c=tcm:154-235223-16&ct=tcm:148-76770-32 I hope this helps Agents.

  24. Check out 10 minutes of brand new gameplay with an interview with the creative director!  Watch here:     
  25. For those who still is looking to join a group come on by in the communities section on PS4 check us out but no dis loyalty and bs that's not allowed it's now invite only so jus click on the thing if you wanna join and I'll let you thru women can join as well there's no discrimination at all just be a team player and loyal all the way


  26. Hey bro does this kind of confirm the BK


  27. I have Xbox one & ps4 both games pre ordered and paid off... No beta codes for Eather one...on the division website it will only let me use one email ....what do I do ? 

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